Hoopers is a low impact version of agility that has recently made it’s way over from the USA and is now proving very popular.

Instead of jumping the dog runs through large hoops it is also required to circle barrels and go through tunnels. It has developed from foundation training exercises into a competitive event in its own right. It is ideal for older dogs retiring from agility who still want to have fun, dogs returning from injury who need to build fitness and young dogs learning basic sending and turning skills.

Although you can run with your dog part of the interest and skill in Hoopers is the distance handling aspect which appeals to less mobile participants. We have also found that it gives dogs confidence and have noticed that many dogs increase in speed at agility after doing Hoopers training.

Eleanor has for many years specialised in the teaching of distance handling in agility so Hoopers is a natural progression from that as the skills required are the same.

We run regular Hoopers classes on alternate Wednesday afternoons and some weekends and evenings when the venue is available. See the What’s On page for dates.