We run about 20 classes a week over 7 sessions. We organise classes according to ability and the size of the dog so that everyone in a group is of roughly the same standard and jumping the same height. We occasionally have more than one jump height in a class but this is rare. Classes have a maximum of 6 dogs to one instructor. If you would like to join please complete the application form at the bottom of this page.


We never mix beginners into groups with trained dogs. All beginners start with a beginners course where everyone is starting from scratch, learning together and experiencing the same problems. If you want to start a beginners course you need to complete the application form which you can find below.

Before you join a beginners course you need to attend a taster session so that we can assess your dog. We run tasters every few months, dates will be on the What’s On page but if you are on the waiting list we will email you.

If your dog is under 12 months old we run monthly puppy workshops so that you can work on agility foundations at home but come and show us how you are doing each month and get some feedback.

If you would like to see what we do you are welcome to come any time and watch a class (covid regs allowing) but please do not bring your dog with you.


Daytime classes are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings (10.30-1.30) and are run by Eleanor. They cover the full range from Beginners, fun classes all the way up to top level competition.

Monday evenings are run by Eleanor and are for beginners and novice dogs

Tuesday evenings are run by Sophie and are for competing dogs.

Wednesday evenings are run by Sophie and are for novice dogs.

Thursday evenings are run by Sophie, and are for a mixture of novice and competing dogs.


If you feel you need a bit more intensive training or some help with a specific issue, you can book a 121 session with Eleanor or Sophie. Theses are usually in the daytime although in the Summer when we move outside evening slots are sometimes available.

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