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Pachesham Agility is now running Hoopers classes.

A Hoopers Fun Competition is planned for Saturday 17th March - watch this space!

Hoopers is a low impact version of agility that has recently made it's way over from the USA.

Dogs run through large Hoops rather than over jumps so it is suitable for younger dogs, older dogs and breeds whose body type doesn't suit jumping e.g. Dachshund, Bulldog, St Bernard   Many of the techniques used for Hoopers are the same as those used in foundation training for agility therefore if you want to start agility in the future the training will give you a good head start and if you have a retired agility dog they should pick it up very easily.

The videos show 3 of our retired agility dogs having fun doing Hoopers in the back garden. Scrappy, the ginger terrier X is 13.

Please check the website or contact us for dates of training sessions.